Delivering unparalleled XRF service and quality for over two decades.
Delivering unparalleled XRF service and quality for over two decades.


Exclusive Bowman XRF for Western and Southern U.S. 


X-RAY NOW has been supporting customers with XRF systems for over 20 years. We have a proven track record of satisfied customers throughout California, Texas Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Mexico. Our strategic partnership with Bowman Analytics gives both companies a strong presence to support companies who rely on XRF equipment.


As the exclusive Bowman XRF distributor and support provider, X-RAY NOW provides service repairs and calibrations, and sells both used and new XRF equipment. For questions regarding our services or products, please call 714-396-2519 or email We are happy to help you find the product or service that best fits your needs. 

Bowman was founded by the technical team that established CMI International and successfully grew the company to become a respected leader in XRF plating thickness measurement. Bowman offers customers the advantage of more than five decades of combined experience in the coating thickness measurement and elemental analysis industry.

Bowman is committed to providing innovative analytical solutions for
PCB shops, OEMs, and anyone using a benchtop XRF for plating thickness analysis. All systems are built in the USA are are backed by best-in-class service and support from X-Ray Now.

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